Marine Satellite Internet & Boat WiFi

Looking to install or upgrade your marine satellite internet setup? Trust Black Dog Marine, the Lowcountry’s most experienced dealer and installer of boat WiFi networking equipment and all marine electronics.

Reliable Marine Connectivity

When out on the water, you need to be able to reliably access email, join video meetings, stream your favorite shows, and more. To ensure that dependable connection, we install the highest quality satellite internet networks on the market today.

Everything You Need

We’ll get you set up with all the features and functionality you’re looking for in your boat WiFi network:

  • Reliable satellite connection at the highest industry standards
  • Powerful satellite signal boosters to extend range
  • Consistent WiFi connectivity to all onboard mobile devices
  • High-speed connection to hardwired devices
  • Improved call quality through onboard cell signal boosting
  • High-definition video streaming to mobile devices
  • Powerful marina WiFi signal boosters to amplify land-based sources
  • Seamless transitions between marina WiFi and satellite connection
  • Durable housing for all components to stand up to outdoor use
  • And much more

Marine Satellite Internet & Boat WiFi: How We Can Help

Contact Black Dog Marine today to ask about installing or upgrading your marine networking and telecommunications systems.

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