Custom Marine Switch & Dash Panels

Get the exact sleek and stylish look you envision for your boat’s switches and dash panels. Bring it to Black Dog Marine, where we offer the widest variety of options and the finest in precision cut paneling in the Lowcountry.

Endless Possibilities

Adding a touch of your personal style to your boat’s controls is one of the best ways to make it truly yours. With options ranging from simple variations on switch and button styles to fully custom shapes, materials, engraving, and more, you can personalize as much as you want.

Custom Paneling

What look suits you best? Choose from a wide variety of panel materials that offer various colors and textures:

  • Black in matte, brushed, or smooth textures
  • Teak, burl, cherry, and other woods
  • White matte overlay
  • Graphite fiber
  • Metallic
  • Clear acrylic
  • Colored plastics
  • And much more

Custom Switches

Which switch style feels right? Choose from a selection with plenty of tactile and visual variety:

  • Rocker switches
  • Toggle switches
  • Push buttons
  • Various button colors
  • Colored backlights
  • Custom etching
  • And much more

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We look forward to discussing your options with you.

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