Marine Audio, Video & Lighting

Looking to upgrade your marine audio system, install high-quality onboard video, or rig up specialty lighting for your boat? Trust Black Dog Marine, the Lowcountry’s leading stocking dealer and installer of marine A/V equipment.

Highest Quality A/V Equipment

Whatever the occasion - from relaxing on the water to hosting your next boat party - you want the best in marine entertainment. That’s why we stock the brands that deliver the finest experiences for marine A/V equipment.

Everything You Need

We’ll get you set up with everything you’re looking for in marine entertainment:

  • Superior stereo systems with crystal clear sound
  • Powerful amplifiers and subwoofers that produce sound you can feel
  • Complete satellite TV setup (satellite rigging, flatscreen mounting, remote controls)
  • Variable lighting with multiple modes for day, night, or any mood
  • Programmable lighting that can respond to music
  • Underwater LED accent lighting
  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices
  • Satellite internet connectivity for streaming
  • Durable components that can stand up to outdoor use
  • And much more

Marine Audio, Video & Lighting: How We Can Help

Contact Black Dog Marine today to ask about installing or upgrading your marine entertainment systems.

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